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Mossberg 500 Rubber Band gun wooden toys Wooden Shooting Toy Guns Boys Outdoor Fun Sports For Kids Christmas gift

Mossberg 500 Rubber Band gun wooden toys Wooden Shooting Toy Guns Boys Outdoor Fun Sports For Kids Christmas gift

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item specifics
Brand Name:
Age Range:
> 6 years old
no eat
Puzzle Style:
3D Puzzle
Model Number:
Product description
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Welcome to our store


Our store will provide you with quality products and provide you with  the perfect shopping experience;
-This product is conducive to intellectual development, training  children’s hands-on ability to improve their imagination and space  thinking ability. Also applies to  tourist souvenirs and household items;
This product is laser processing, the surface is smooth, but in the  assembly or assembly process, some parts of the edge or point may  be burr.  
so please be careful.   Some parts are slender parts that are   easily broken when disassembled, so be careful to remove them. 
-When buying two or more goods, contact me if you want to change   one of them to another different good.  
If the two pieces of goods only   need a box, please tell me, this shop will provide you with six dollars   worth of gifts. Thank you!


Product parameters                                                


Product Name: Mossberg shotgun Rubber Band

Age Range:>6 years old

Packing size:37cm×24cm×3cm

Packing weight: 0.6kg

Material: Wood 

XJ-G005   (5)

Assembly size                                                         

XJ-G005   (2)

Assembly instruction manual                                




1. Applicable age

a. Not suitable for children under 3 years old (including 3 years old)!
    To remind customers and consumers to prevent children from eating small parts into the mouth and cause the risk of suffocation.
b.4-7 year old children please use it with adult or parent.
   In view of the 3D stereo puzzle model assembled for children’s assembly strength, skills, memory, logical ability, space imagination ability to have certain requirements, 4-7    years old children please accompanied by adults or parents to play, play the role of parent-child interaction to enhance feelings
c.8 years of age children have a certain ability to use alone.
d. adult consumers.
    2. The company’s products are selected natural wood processing of the toy-class craft splint, plate positive and negative sides are natural wood slices after high temperature pressure in the middle of the board core, safe non-toxic. Keep the product away from fire or water, so as to avoid danger or affect the normal use of the product.
Assembly method                                                        
1. Keep the color pictures contained in the product. Packing box
    To save the product packaging contained in the color map or box. Plane assembly diagram or 3D stereo assembly instructions, do not lose, if accidentally lost assembly diagram, please log in our office Alibaba integrity through the website to find the corresponding product links, Product details in a plane assembly diagram or 3D stereo assembly diagram, can be downloaded to the phone or computer inside the use, or directly contact our customer service staff to obtain electronic version.
2. Do not rush to disassemble the assembly model
    Unpack the product after the first time do not immediately dismantle the components on the plate to assemble, follow the following scientific steps step by step, with less.
  step 1:
Look at the color chart or color box on the model of the finished product, the whole model has a general understanding of the structure.
  Step 2:
Will be out of the plate in accordance with the graphic on the back of the plane diagram of the plate order neatly placed to ensure that the plate is complete, and each piece of material on what parts have a general understanding.
  Step 3:
Began to remove the useful parts on the plate, useless parts can be left on the plate do not disassemble. (Product in the production process has been part of the useless parts deduction, useful parts are linked to the bit, will not be lost, please do not worry about the lack of useful parts) disassembly process do not use brute force, so as not to damage the color silk screen parts, Not to win by force.
   Step 4:
Place the removed parts sorted together, the same or symmetrical structure of the components together. The demolition of the components in accordance with the order of the size of the order of stacking to facilitate the back of the assembly quickly find parts quickly.
  Step 5:
In accordance with the plane assembly diagram and 3D stereo assembly diagram prepared by the components of the bayonet number 1 pair of 1, 2 to 2 and so on to find the corresponding bayonet to assemble, in accordance with the three-dimensional interpretation of the step by step orderly manner. Note that the direction of the two bayonet when assembled to be aligned, do not deviate too much, so as to reduce the friction between the plate resistance, bayonet spell will be very smooth. As long as the patience to stay patiently, the whole model will be magic in your hands.

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Russian Federation
ещё не пробовал но выглядит качественно, должен быть достаточно крупным, вот сравнение с ладонью приклад.
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